2020 – A Year Like No Other in CDT


[Text and image appears on screen]: 2020: A year like no other in Canadian tech

Mansi: 2020 was a year like no other!

Amy: It forced us out of our comfort zone, challenged us to think big...

Bose: ... and created an opportunity to share our humanity in ways that have brought us closer than ever!

Ryan, Lauren, Mark [animated text appears on the screen]: Pivot. Iterate. Agile.

Adrienne: All familiar terms, and all put to the test in 2020.

Shruti: The best part – we surpassed our expectations around what we thought possible by getting it done together.

Lauren [animated text appears on screen]: Starting with an almost seamless transition to work from home for some 20,000 North American employees in March.

Ryan: We moved on to deliver tremendous value inside technology, across the business, and ultimately to our customers.

Gwen: Thanks to all of you, we accelerated our transformation to digital to support call centre and customer demands.

Amy: Here for our customers and each other, when we needed it most.

Mark: We’ve proven that we’re so much more than an IT department. Canadian Technology doesn’t just support the business, ...

Bose: ... we understand business needs, industry trends and the digital landscape, and we are ideally poised with the talent and passion to lead this digital transformation!

Beth [animated text appears on the screen]: From a business perspective we delivered on countless commitments to create a dramatically improved experience for our customers and each other.

[Animated text appears on the screen]: From a culture and engagement perspective, ...

Junting: ... we transitioned beautifully to virtual, recognizing the need for connection and collaboration.

Karina: Working creatively to deliver a number of firsts, starting with our first-ever organization-wide Demo Days ...

["CDT Demo Days" logo appears on the screen]

Phiriyangha: ... a venue to share our amazing work outside of the squad and across the organization.

Mike: We also hosted our first-ever virtual Slackathon, Security Hack and Data Hack – providing hundreds of participants the chance to connect, be innovative, learn something new, and have fun.

Adrienne: We introduced our first-ever employee news publication, FantasTech, helping showcase our successes and our people.

Karina: We also invested in and celebrated our university students with awards to recognize their efforts and give them profile across the organization.

Colleen: We offered challenges and socials for our students to keep them feeling connected to us, and each other – creating a true sense of community.

[Photo of event appears on the screen]

Bose: And who can forget our first-ever Women in Technology coding workshop, with networking and mentorship for 200 participants and 20 outstanding coaches.

Ryan: To keep us engaged, connected and having fun, we used Slack to create games, polls and activities like our summer of fun challenge; adding some much-needed levity to our days.

Karina: Despite being remote, we saw continued momentum from 2019 with Manulife University [Manulife University logo appears on screen] putting 450 engineers through the various programs and over 100 people trained through Product Owner workshops.

Rhys: We continued to host Tech Talks, educating teams on what was happening across the business.

Lauren: And, Hugh (our Head of Canadian Technology) continued to host small group chats to hear what was on the minds of employees at all levels of the organization.

Phiriyangha [animated text and photo of the event appears on screen]: We also completely re-imaged our Tech Forum bringing together more than 1600 employees for an exciting 5 days of development and networking!

Adrienne [animated text appears on screen]: Finally – because of this and ALL OF YOU, we ended the year with our highest-ever engagement score of 4.17.

Rhys: In 2020, we proved that together, we can make the impossible – possible.

Bose: Thank you for taking a tough year and making it awesome.

[Manulife logo appears on the screen]

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