Gennifer: So this is our first CDT Hackathon program.

Gary: Welcome. Why are we here? Why are we at this Hackathon? Because we can; because it's fun; and because it's part of our culture.

Gennifer: We've created a CDT hackathon program where we will run a hackathon several times a year across our different geographical locations. This will allow members from all roles of our CDT team to step outside of their day-to-day delivery team, work on something innovative, be creative, learn something new, connect with others and most importantly have fun.

Richard: I think this hackathon’s been really great. It’s exciting to see everybody enthusiastic, you know, building new solutions, trying out new technologies and trying to solve real world business problem.

Kristin: Really great for everyone as Manulife employees as well to kind of get away from their day-to-day desk work and come into a really fun environment. It was great that we're able to be here at Catalyst and everyone kind of work on something that they don't usually get to do in their day-to-day jobs.

Hugh: So thanks everyone for all energy you brought. Look at a business problem. When you get a bunch of talented people together. In 48 hours, they can actually deliver something really awesome. 

Kimmy: The future is bright and we need to think big.

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