We want you to get the most out of your co-op term with us, so we let you choose your own adventure.

Throughout your co-op, you’ll have the chance to work with modern technologies, grow professionally and make a lasting impact within Manulife and with its customers.

Co-ops and employees at the 2019 Montreal HackITOut hackathon

During my time here, I have worked on building our new Advisor Portal page using languages such as Javascript, React and NodeJS. I met and enjoyed working closely with many new people, with a variety of educational backgrounds.

Asad Bari

We want our co-ops to feel involved. Here are a few opportunities you can enjoy away from your desk:

Group at the 2019 AKS challenge


Participate in internal hackathons where you will join teams of Manulife employees, build, test and present your finished product to a judging panel of Manulife executives.

Dinner with Fall 2019 co-ops


Apart from employee-wide socials, our interns also host their own events.  In the past, they’ve knocked down pins at the bowling alley, arranged pizza parties and sang their hearts out at karaoke parties.

Team of Spring 2019 co-ops

Learning opportunities

We offer you a chance to join our Manulife University bootcamp to boost your technical skills. And if you’re feeling inspired, check out our inner source platform to find projects to contribute to!

During this co-op I have a been working as an Automation Engineer. I made test scripts to automate front-end testing. I enjoyed building the test suite from the ground up. There was always something to do and it was fun working in a true Agile development squad!

Filip Vujadinovic

If you are enrolled in a post-secondary institution with a co-op or internship program,
please apply through their respective job portal.

Multiple openings for most positions

Position Location
Automation Engineer Co-op

Waterloo, ON
Mobile Software Engineer Co-op

Waterloo, ON
Salesforce Engineer Co-op

Waterloo, ON
Software Engineer Co-op

Waterloo, ON
UXE Designer Co-op

Waterloo, ON

Project ownership was something I never thought I would experience as a first-year student and designer. During my 4 months in the Manulife office, I dictated the design process of developer.manulife.ca while organizing meetings with developers, content strategists, and experts in AODA compliance.

Kristen Shiozaki

Who can apply?

Applications are open to all students enrolled in a co-op or internship program at a post-secondary institution! Look out for postings by Manulife and apply through your school's job portal!

What projects can I expect to work on?

You will be working with teams on client-facing and/or internal tools. In the past, co-ops have worked on our mobile apps, onboarding automation tools and more!

When can I apply?

We hire all year-round for Fall, Summer, and Winter terms. Applications for the Winter 2020 term are now open.

What if I do not want to be a designer or developer?

We offer numerous co-op and internship opportunities outside of the engineering discipline. To learn more, please visit our student site.

Will I be paid?

Yes! All of our interns are paid. Salaries will be dependent on your level of experience and school year.

What do you look for in applicants?

Students who are passionate with a drive to learn! Your willingness to try something new and accept challenges is something that we highly value!

How long are your co-op terms?

We have flexible co-op terms of most durations! Co-op students at Manulife have done 4, 8, or even 12 months based on their program requirements.

What is your work culture like?

Check out our "Student Community" & past co-op student testimonials on this page to learn what we're all about!

How many co-op students do you hire each term?

In any given term, we hire between 50-100 technology students.

Where will I be working?

You'll be working at one of our four locations - Waterloo, Toronto, Montreal, or Halifax. Don't worry - there won't be any surprises, the job posting will outline where you will be located.

Do you have social media pages?

We certainly do! Checkout the bottom of the page for links to our social media channels and get the insider scoop.

Live the amazing experiences with people who demonstrate our values, care deeply about growth, and empathize with those we’re building the product for.